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06:12pm 24/02/2006
  Is anyone still here?  
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New member here. 
10:29pm 26/04/2005
mood: surprised
Hello out there people! I'm new to the community here. I never realized that there was a Gallup LJ community until now. I was pretty surprised. Anyway, my name is Seandae. I'm 20. I don't reside in Gallup. I live out in Thoreau. Graduated the class of 2004. I don't work right now and probably won't for a while. Next month I start school again, so that'll give me something to do. And if you need to know more about me or see any pictures, visit my user information page. This shall be all. I just wanted to come here and say hello to everybody.
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09:08pm 21/11/2004
  Hey everyone! New member here. So how does everyone like Gallup?  
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Kool I guess 
11:11pm 25/08/2004
  Wow who would have though that Gallup has its own LJ community? lol not me... I don't actually live in Gallup (I hate that fucking town for to many reasons) I live in Thoreau... been here for 2 years... and im just discovering that there is a Gallup comm. now... wow how lame am I... well anywho just thought that I would say hi.  
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11:44pm 30/12/2003
  Hey everyone! I'm a new member. I live in Gallup. I'm 15 and I go to school at Rehoboth.  
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07:12pm 21/10/2003
  I'm screwing around with the colors and style a bit. I don't like it yet, so I'll keep messing with it. Does anyone have any suggestions for interests to add?  
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06:46pm 21/10/2003
  Sup? I don't live in Gallup anymore, but I grew up there- I moved to Gallup when I was three and graduated from Gallup High class of '02. Now I go to Arizona State.

I'm your friendly mod, by the way. *waves to all* Let your friends know. :)
Greetings and salutations. 
06:58pm 21/10/2003
  Haha, sup.

My name's Brad. I'm 18. I go to the UNM branch here and I work the graveyard shift at the Texaco truck stop on the west end of town. Let's do coffee sometime.
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